Harding Advisories/Notices

8/26/2016 - JCP&L Fall 2016 Transmission Line Aerial Patrols
JCP&L has advised that starting Saturday, August 27th,  Haverfield Aviation will be performing Fall Routine Helicopter Inspections on all of the JCP&L transmission lines (500-115kV). Haverfield is scheduled to be patrolling JCP&L territory full time until the inspections are complete – the inspections are expected to be carried out until the middle to late September, weather permitting.

The pilot will be in communication with any local airports when in their airspace.   
The flight crew provides information on their daily location to both the JCP&L Transmission Lines Maintenance group and the FCC.  Please advise local Safety Forces and other public entities or sensitive customers as needed.

The helicopter scheduled for these patrols is a black, Hughes MD500 with tail registration number N1097J.