Harding Advisories/Notices


Chief of Police, Mark Giansanti announces the opportunity for citizens to clear out the medicine cabinets and dispose of unwanted/unused drugs and medicines.

“Operation Take Back New Jersey” is a DEA sponsored event in which the Harding Township Police Department will be taking part.  Any citizen can drop off their unwanted/unused medications in a container at police headquarters;  No questions asked, No forms to fill, just simply place the drugs/medications in the container.  The day of this event is – Saturday, April 29th, 2017, 10am-2pm.


  • This program is anonymous and all efforts should be made to protect the anonymity of individuals disposing of medications.  No questions or requests for identification will be made.  Individuals should deposit medication freely and independently.


  • No effort will be made by law enforcement to count, inventory, or log medications.  Law enforcement personnel will not handle the medications at any time.


  • A law enforcement officer must remain with the drug disposal box at all times.  The role of the law enforcement officer is to maintain and safe-guard the integrity of the disposed items.


  • Any individual may dispose of medication either in its original container or by removing medication from its container and depositing directly into the Drug Disposal Box.  If the original container is submitted, the individual is encouraged to remove the prescription label if it contains any personal identifying information.


  • Liquid products, such as cough medicine, should remain sealed in their original container.  The depositor should ensure that the cap is tightly sealed to prevent leakage.


  • Syringes or other sharp objects will not be accepted.


  • Once the event is completed, Harding officers will turn over all collected drugs/medications to the DEA for proper disposal.


  • If you have any questions, please contact the Harding Township Police Department at 973-455-0500 and press 0.