Harding Advisories/Notices

8/20/2018 - Information regarding Emergency Alert System: AlertHarding

Morris County has moved to a new emergency alert system called AlertMorris.  In our town it is called AlertHarding.

With AlertHarding, you can receive emergency alerts by email, text, phone or whatever method of communication you prefer. 

This system is used to notify you about threats to health and/or safety that may affect your home or workplace.  Authorities may use this emergency notification system to send notifications regarding flooding, police activity, utility and municipal road closure events that may require you to take action to protect yourselves, your family or co-workers. 

Sign up for free at https://www.smart911.com/smart911/login.action   If you had signed up for Smart 911 or Everbridge alerts in the past your information was forwarded to AlertHarding.  However, we do ask that you register again to ensure that your information is up-to-date in the new system.

Alerts on Social Media

Morris County's social media alert accounts on Facebook and Twitter have also changed their names to @AlertMorris.  Get updates from the Office of Emergency Management