Harding Advisories/Notices

10/11/2018 - Tax Sale - Oct. 11, 2018 - 9:00 AM - Harding Township Municipal Building





PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that I, Kathleen W. Silber, Collector of Taxes in the Township of Harding, County of Morris, will sell at public sale on the 11th of October, 2018 in the Tax Office, Township of Harding, Blue Mill Rd, New Vernon, New Jersey at 9:00AM or at such time and place to which said sale may then be adjourned, each and all of the several lots and parcels of land assessed to the respective persons whose names appear opposite of each respective parcel as the owner thereof for the total amount of municipal liens chargeable against said lands respectively, as computed up to October 11th ,  2018, all described and particularly set out in a list of the lands so subject to sale, all as required under the provisions of Article 4, Chap5, Title 54 of the Revised Statute of New Jersey, 1937 entitled “Sale of Real Property to Enforce Liens”, Section 54:5-19 et seq. and amendments hereto.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the hereinafter described lands and each of the respective parcels thereof, will be sold to make the amount of the municipal liens severally chargeable against the same on October 11th , 2018, exclusive, however, of the liens for Calendar Year 2017 as computed in said list against each parcel of land severally assessed each parcel of land severally assessed as one parcel together with the interest on the several amounts respectively to the date of the sale and cost of the sale. Parcels are to be sold subject to rollback taxes under the Farmland Assessment Act of 1964 and any omitted or added assessments for improvements as provided in NJSA 54:4, 63.2 and 63.31.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that said lands will be sold at 18% interest or less to make the amount of the municipal liens chargeable against redemption at the lowest rate of interest. The payment of the sale shall be made before the conclusion of the sale by cash, certified check or money order, or the property shall be resold. Properties for which there are no other purchasers shall be struck off and sold to the Township of Harding in accordance with said act of Legislature, interest on subsequent liens shall be allowed as provided by law.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that Industrial Properties may be subject to the Spill Compensation and Control Act (NJSA 58:10-23.11 et seq.), the Water Pollution Control Act (NJSA 58:10A-1 et seq.), and the Industrial Site Recovery Act (NJSA 13:1K-6 et seq.). In addition the municipality is precluded from issuing a Tax Sale Certificate to any prospective purchaser who is or may be in any way connected to the prior owner or operator of the site.

At any time before the sale, said Collector will receive payment of the amount due on any property with interest and costs incurred, by cash, certified check or money order.

The land and premises to be sold are described as follows:

TAX SALE LIST Date of Sale 10/11/2018
Block Lot Location Name Principal Interest Cost Amount Type
4 19 SPRING VALLEY RD 56 ROTHBERG,R/FRANCIS,S $969.00 $82.51 $21.03 $1,072.54 T
4 20 SPRING VALLEY RD 60 60 SPRING VALLEY RD LLC, S FRANCIS $6,981.95 $1,160.82 $100.00 $8,242.77 T
5 5 VAN BEUREN RD 579 LEVINE, S/D $12,255.90 $2,876.97 $100.00 $15,232.87 T
17 25 PLEASANTVILLE RD 21 NAGLE, J/A $1,588.23 $101.52 $33.80 $1,723.55 T
18 4 VILLAGE RD 11 TUSINAC, M/T $252.96 $8.85 $15.00 $276.81 T
23.02 14.01 SAND SPRING RD 154 RENGARAJ, G $840.00 $54.68 $17.89 $912.57 S
23.03 3 SAND SPRING RD 166 READ, M $510.00 $48.72 $15.00 $573.72 S
23.03 5 SAND SPRING RD 170 GUERRIERO, H $680.57 $71.85 $15.04 $767.46 S
25.03 91 SPRUCE LN 3 PEET, J $208.38 $15.74 $15.00 $239.12 S
32 1.10 SHALEBROOK DR 68 MEYERS, W/R $10,144.97 $2,572.93 $100.00 $12,817.90 T
33.03 18 MT KEMBLE AVE 1105 GREENBAUM HARDING REALTY LLC $19,562.10 $6,052.43 $100.00 $25,714.53 T
35.01 16.02 MT KEMBLE AVE 900 MYHRE, L $8,848.13 $1,840.84 $100.00 $10,788.97 T
40 8 PRIMROSE TRL 83 EIGHTY THREE PRIMROSE TRAIL LLC $4,143.06 $738.66 $97.63 $4,979.35 T
48.01 6 LEES HILL RD 232 WINOW, C/C $3,772.14 $430.48 $84.05 $4,286.67 T