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2/27/2019 - Volunteers Needed - Help Keep Bayne Park Sparkling

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Help Keep Bayne Park Sparkling!

Can you spare just one half hour (30 minutes), at the most, maybe far less than that?

Join a fantastic group of volunteers as they help control, humanely, the Canada Geese population at Bayne Park this summer.

It is SO EASY to Volunteer! Just sign up to be “on call”, at 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM or both times, on any day from May 13th thru July 3rd.  You will receive a call minutes before your selected time slot and will be informed if geese are present at the park.  If the geese are present, you will come to the park to join 2 or 3 other volunteers to help chase the Geese away.  It will take no more than one half hour (30 minutes) of your time.  Proven techniques will be used under the guidance of a trained volunteer.

The birds learn very quickly, and after the 1st few weeks, they will rarely return.  By agreeing to be “on call” for even a single time slot, you are helping to make this project the proven success it has been.  “With many hands available, we can help make the work lighter!”

Modest physical effort is required; primarily, the ability to walk across the park at a reasonable pace.  All equipment is supplied.  For attire; shoes or boots that can get muddy, long sleeves, a hat, and long pants are suggested. 

This Township approved effort, which has been extremely successful in prior years, was featured in “Goose Tracks 2008”, a nationwide publication of the Humane Society of the US and in the magazine of the New Jersey League of Municipalities.

This precisely timed “harassment phase”, for which we are recruiting now, is just part of a longer carefully planned scenario grounded in principles of goose behavior.

So please join this great group of volunteers and come out and be a part of this wonderful trend setting project that started here! 

ContactTracy Toribio,  Ttoribio@hardingnj.org  or (973)267-2448 or (973) 267-8000 ext. 1968