Harding Advisories/Notices



Earlier this month residents received notification from Appraisal Systems, Inc. www.asinj.com with regards to proposed property assessments for 2020. 


In furtherance of clarification as outlined in the letter, you may request an appointment to discuss and review your proposed assessment by visiting www.asinj.com/scheduling.htm.   You may also request your PRC using the email link provided.  YOU MUST USE THE LOGIN AND PASSWORD given to you in the letter you received in order to use this tool. 

IF you do not have that information, you may call Appraisal Systems at 201-493-8530.  

They are available Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Scheduling an appointment allows you the opportunity to review your property information and to discuss with the firm that was hired to make property value determinations in line with the requirements of the revaluation process. 

Harding 2020 Revaluation - Residential Sites 2017-2019 

Assessement Appeal Form 



As directed by the Morris County Board of Taxation and as ordered by the State Division of Taxation, the Township of Harding must revalue all taxable real estate for the 2020 tax year to ensure uniform and equitable assessments.

The Township has entered into a contract with Appraisal Systems, Inc. to conduct the revaluation program.

The first step of the revaluation process is the inspection of all properties in the Township.

In the coming months inspectors from Appraisal Systems, Inc. will visit your property, measuring and photographing the exterior of all buildings and inspecting the interior.

In order to properly assess your property, it will be necessary for a representative of Appraisal Systems, Inc. to examine the interior. 

The first visit from an inspector will be between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

If you are not present at the first visit, the inspector will leave a card specifying a return date to do the interior inspection. The notice will also have a telephone number to call to reschedule this appointment if the time or date is not convenient.

All representatives will be provided with photo identification authorized by the Township. Do not allow anyone to enter your home without proper identification.

Owners of rental properties should notify all tenants of the rental units that an interior inspection will be forthcoming by the firm.

Owners/occupants will be requested to sign the field form verifying that the inspector made an interior inspection.

If your property has a unique condition that influences value, please send documentation to Appraisal Systems, Inc., 266 Harristown Road – Suite 302, Glen Rock, NJ 07452 and it will be considered.

After the appraisals have been completed, you will be notified of the valuation placed on your property as well as procedures to review the assessment with a qualified representative of the firm.

Enclosed is a brochure prepared by Appraisal Systems, Inc. addressing questions generally asked by property owners concerning revaluations. You may also visit the ASI website at: www.asinj.com to find more information relevant to
the revaluation process.

Any inquiries regarding the inspection procedure should be directed to the firm at (201) 493-8530.