Harding Advisories/Notices

3/6/2020 - 2020 JCP&L Tree Trimming Municipal Notification – Harding - Waverly and Briant substations

RE: 2020 JCP&L Tree Trimming Municipal Notification – Harding - Waverly and Briant substations

JCP&L serves more than one million electric customers throughout New Jersey and operates and maintains thousands of miles of electrical conductors to provide safe and reliable electric service to those customers.  Maintaining these lines requires, among other things, the routine trimming and removal of vegetation on a cyclical basis, determined by JCP&L in accordance with applicable regulations, to avoid or reduce service interruptions to JCP&L customers within your community (and elsewhere) as a result of vegetation interference with those lines.  Experience has shown that regular, diligent and professional vegetation management practices assist in reducing the number of service problems and outages that our customers experience.

Beginning in or about June 2020, JCP&L contractors will be performing line clearance tree trimming in your community along Company rights-of-way out of the substations listed above.  This work will include the removal of limbs overhanging the 3 phase electric lines for our reliability plus program.  All tree removals are performed in accordance with JCP&L’s easement rights or otherwise with the written consent of the property owner. 

JCP&L contractors are qualified line clearance tree workers trained in OSHA safety standards, as well as, in proper pruning techniques developed by the National Arborists Association.  Contracted tree crews will be following a pruning technique that is often referred to as directional or lateral pruning.

For a list of roadways that will have Overhead Line Trimming CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.