Harding Advisories/Notices

4/6/2020 - Help for Harding - Notice to Seniors and those with Underlying Medical Conditions.

Subject: Help for Harding is Here for You

To Harding Seniors and Those with Underlying Medical Conditions:

We want to keep you as safe as possible while COVID-19 is prevalent in our area. Help for Harding is a group of volunteers in our town who are available to run errands so you don't have to take unnecessary risks by taking trips to a market or pharmacy. Since Mid- March, our volunteers have helped by:

  •  Grocery shopping
  •  Pharmacy pick-ups
  •  Post office pick-up or drop-off
  •  Help with online ordering (on Amazon or other sites)
  •  Answer questions and/or direct you to the right resources in town

Help for Harding is also teaming up with Harding high school students, who are delivering care packages to our most vulnerable neighbors. Please take advantage of our team's help with your needs, big or small. You can contact Help for Harding in the following ways:

Email: helpforharding@gmail.com

Call or text: 862-246-7648

They look forward to helping you!