Harding Advisories/Notices

4/7/2020 - New Vernon Volunteer Rescue Squad is in dire need of N95 masks and protective gowns

Below is a message requesting donations for New Vernon Volunteer Rescue Squad

New Vernon Volunteer Rescue Squad is in dire need of N95 masks and protective gowns. We have found a source and have DELIVERED, 300 masks and 200 protective gowns yesterday.  We have also just placed a second order today for 300 more masks and gowns.  They need them ASAP and have been incredibly busy as you can imagine.  We are so grateful to our New Vernon Volunteer Rescue Squad !!!

What we need from you are two things:  Our goal is to raise $10,000. or more

1.  Suggested Donation:  Whatever you are comfortable donating will be used for the mask and gown orders.

Either Venmo your donation to:  @Ebhmacy (Eric Macy)


Send a check to:  Dana Macy, P.O. Box 12109, Jackson, WY. 83002


Zelle is fine too (email me at Dmacy22@comcast.net and I will give you the info)

2.  Please forward this email to your New Vernon friends looking for ways to help during this time of crisis.

Please know that if there is extra money left over, 100% of the money will be donated directly to the New Vernon Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Thank you so very much in advance.  We are all in this together and the people on the front lines ( rescue squads, EMT’s, nurses, doctors, hospitals, etc.) are imperative right now, as we all know.


Your Neighbors from New Vernon,

Stefani Werring

Dana Macy

Rita Chipperson

Cathleen Lazor

Martha Coy

Liz Reynolds

Wendy Sanford

Winnie Polen

Katherine Whitehead