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4/24/2020 - Message from NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJOHSP) is leading New Jersey’s efforts to combat COVID-19 disinformation, rumors, and scams that may impact residents and businesses throughout the State.


NJOHSP is collaborating with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center, and New Jersey State Police to provide the public with guidance regarding false and fraudulent information and activity stemming from the pandemic. A webpage, “COVID-19 Rumor Control and Disinformation Updates,” launched in mid-March is updated as new information becomes available.


The webpage, https://www.njohsp.gov/covid19 , features unclassified intelligence products on COVID-19 disinformation, details about scams that New Jersey residents and visitors might be susceptible to, and cybersecurity alerts regarding potential threats to individuals and businesses caused by the pandemic.


Multiple foreign nations are leveraging the pandemic to sow anti-US sentiment and undermine the credibility of the United States. This includes nation-state actors such as China and Russia using disinformation campaigns via multiple mediums to alter the views of individuals and distort facts. Additionally, individuals and groups domestically are using false or misleading information about COVID-19 to target their perceived adversaries and conduct scams.


The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell, a division of NJOHSP, has reported an increase in targeted cyber threats and attacks toward healthcare institutions and various companies throughout the State supporting work-from-home solutions, such as video teleconferencing platforms.


NJOHSP encourages the public to use legitimate and credible organizations for accurate information, as well as to fact check claims from competing sources. Rumors can easily circulate within communities during a crisis, and the spread of disinformation can be stopped by choosing trusted sources of information. NJOHSP urges the public that if they “See Something, Say Something” by reporting suspicious activity to local authorities or the Counterterrorism Watch Desk by calling 1-866-4-SAFE-NJ or emailing tips@njohsp.gov


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