Harding Advisories/Notices

8/4/2020 - JCPL Advisory

Heavy rain and high winds have been hitting our service territory, resulting in a significant number of broken poles, downed wires and other equipment damage. Additionally, crews are unable to work in buckets when the wind is in excess of 35 mph.  
We currently expect that this will be a multi-day restoration effort. As the weather calms down, crews will continue to assess damage in order to provide estimated restoration times. We will share them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on our outage map as soon as they are available: http://spr.ly/NJOutageMap.   
Customers are reminded to report any service interruptions to us. Customer outage reports help us identify damage locations and restore power faster. Here's how to report:  
·        888-544-4877 
·        http://spr.ly/report 
·        Text OUT to 544487 
Customers are reminded to treat ANY downed or low-hanging wire as energized and dangerous. Report ASAP to 888-544-4877 or 9-1-1.