Harding Advisories/Notices

8/4/2020 - Mayor Yates Correspondence to Residents -

Dear Resident,


In the words of the immoral Charlie Brown, Good grief!  I’m tempted to ask what else could happen but I don’t want to tempt fate as we’ve yet to have an earthquake, meteor strike, or volcanic eruption.


Hurricane Isaias paid a brief and unwelcome visit on Tuesday and left much damage in his wake.  As you read this you probably have no power as over 90% of Harding is without it.  As I write this the only way into or out of Harding is Long Hill Road through the swamp.  Most of the roads in Harding are closed due to downed trees and power lines.


Harding activated our Emergency Management Committee on Monday to ensure storm response plans were in place and all of our first responders and Public Works staff were ready to go.  As soon as the storm passed, DPW was on the road assessing damage and removing trees and limbs that are not tangled with power lines, which only the utility can remove.  We have been in nearly constant contact with First Energy’s people on the ground to press for fast action.  Nearly 145,000 locations in Morris County are without power and hundreds of thousands more throughout the state.  You should likely assume that it will be days, not hours, before power is restored.  Please make sure you have reported your outage to First Energy – don’t assume they know.


We expect DPW to have opened all the roads they can without First Energy’s involvement by the end of the day Wednesday.  If you need your basement pumped please reach out to the New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department.  If you have any kind of emergency please call 911.  If you need assistance with food, medicine or personal items please reach out to Elizabeth Sovolos at helpforharding@gmail.com


If you are not signed up for alerts, please go here and sign up:  Alert Harding


To see real-time updates on road closures in Harding go here:  Harding Road Closures


Please check the town website for updates at Harding Township Website


Harding’s Emergency Operations Center is open and staffed 24/7 and will remain open until the emergency has passed.  Thank you for you patience.  Please reach out if you need any help.


Thank you.


Chris Yates