Harding Advisories/Notices

11/10/2020 - Message from 2020 Census Count Team to All participants in the 2020 Census Process

A heartfelt thank you for all of the work you did as partners of New Jersey’s Census 2020 campaign.  

The statewide partnership that we formed was unique. It had never been done before in New Jersey on this grand a scale. But what really drove the process was you on the front lines - your commitment, your energy, your resiliency, your adaptability and creativity. That’s what made this all a success. 

Despite the unexpected and unpredictable challenges of COVID and a deadline that shifted several times, New Jersey did exceptionally well. Here is some of what we accomplished together:

  1. NJ was one of 18 states to achieve a self-response rate of 69.5% or above. 
  2. We were most focused on, getting the highest self-response rate possible  – There, New Jersey had its best Self-Response Rate in 30 Years – It was greater than the 1990, 2000 and 2010 Censuses and 2.5% above the 2020 national self-response rate 
  3. 14 of our counties were in the top 50 self-responders in our Census region which includes 8 states from New Jersey to Maine and Puerto Rico  
  4. New Jersey was one of three states to increase its self-response rate the most on the last day of the Census. 
  5. Including the Census takers work, 99.9%+ of the households in New Jersey were counted.  

But what is most important is the service that you performed for the people of New Jersey and what that will mean for them. New Jersey will ultimately be more accurately represented both at the federal and state levels. And because of you New Jersey will undoubtedly receive more federal dollars for the programs and services so important to us all for the next ten years. And you have helped to create a sense of community across the state that we believe will have a significant and lasting effect.  

Thank you for everything that you have done. You have our deepest gratitude and appreciation.