Harding Advisories/Notices

1/15/2021 - Notice to Harding from County Administrator 1-15-2021

Elected Officials/ Mayors/Business Administrators:  As you are all aware yesterday the State of New Jersey modified those eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine to include individuals over 65 and those individuals between the ages of (16 and 64), who have specific underlying health issues.


This was a significant departure from the initial Phase 1A Category of individuals, who are currently being served at the Morris Regional Vaccination Center in Rockaway.  The logistics involved in implementing such a change are significant and predicated upon the availability of the vaccine, the implementation of coordinated registration and appointment technology, and the expansion of professional and medical staff.  The availability of the vaccine is key. As the Governor has repeatedly stated, the demand in New Jersey far exceeds supply, which is clearly the case for the Morris Vaccination Center.


In an effort to assist your residents, they can be directed to access the scheduling system as well as sign up to be notified when appointments become available at Vaccine Appointments (atlantichealth.org). Based on vaccine availability, the individual will be notified when they are qualified to receive the vaccine AND when appointments are opening. Each individual will then be able to register for an open appointment.  


The expansion of eligible persons has created more demand for the same limited supply.


The County has established a COVID Hotline where further information can be obtained. This Hotline can be reached at 973-829-8250. The hotline is staffed 7 days each week, during business hours.


As we discussed on the previous Mayors call and as health services are locally directed, each Municipality will be asked to assist their respective senior and disabled populations in registering and obtaining the vaccine. The County of course will attempt to support each municipality to the best of our ability.  


Once the supply of the vaccine begins to increase, it is anticipated that many individuals will be able to visit their doctor to receive the injection, much like they would the flu shot.


Thank you for your time and concern. I look forward to supplying further information in the coming days.