Harding Advisories/Notices

  1. Can the Hotline make appointments?
    1. No, COVID-19 Hotline is for information about the regional mega vaccination site.Contact 973-829-8250.The Hotline is open seven (7) days a week between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm.Messages left after 4 pm will be returned the next day.The Hotline is unable to register persons for vaccine appointments.


  2. Is there a possibility of a smaller vaccination sites in other parts of the County?
    1. Not one that would be operated by the County.
    2. At some point, we believe vaccines will become available at pharmacy’s and Doctor’s Offices.


  3. I have signed up for the vaccine through the NJ website and was told I am in Phase 1A and they will notify me when I can make an appointment.Is this accurate?
    1. The State site will notify you when you meet the criteria to make an appointment.You then need to find out who has the vaccines and schedule your appointment.


  4. Is the Atlantic Health – Morris County – Mega Site sign up portal the same as the NJ State site or is it a different list?
    1. No they are not.
    2. The Atlantichealth.org site will tell you when you meet the criteria for the vaccine and when

       appointments will open up.


  5. I am not sure if I should be signing up multiple times or just wait to hear from the State site.
    1. If you are in Morris County, I would suggest using the Atlantichealth.org site.


  6. After I receive my first vaccine, can I go to another location for my second vaccine?Assuming I can get the same vaccine.
  1. When you get the first vaccine at the County site, they schedule you for the second one.

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