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Board of Health Meeting Schedule

8 Aug
Board of Health
Date 08.08.2024 7:30 pm
12 Sep
Board of Health
09.12.2024 7:30 pm
10 Oct
Board of Health
10.10.2024 7:30 pm
14 Nov
Board of Health
11.14.2024 7:30 pm
12 Dec
Board of Health
12.12.2024 7:30 pm

Contact Information

Board of Health Secretary

Lisa Sharp
(973) 267-8000 x 711

BOH Special Counsel

Joseph Sordillo

Board of Health Information

The Harding Township Board of Health oversees the Health Department and has the authority to adopt ordinances related to public health. The powers and duties of the Board are described in N.J.S.A. 26:3-1 to 26:3-91 which covers every thing from organization and structure to procedures for passing ordinances and rules. The Board ensures that the provisions of Minimum Standards of Performance for Health Department, a series of State regulations, are being met.

The Board has adopted strict environmental regulations governing the design and placement of septic systems and drinking water wells in addition to rules governing sanitation, public health nuisances, and noise. The Board hears applications for waivers to these standards. The Board also establishes policies relating to public health services such as flu immunization clinics and services to the senior community.

In Harding the Board of Health has a scheduled meeting once a month, with an occasional special meeting set at a mutually convenient time. The scheduled meetings are on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM and generally last between one and two hours. The meetings are advertised and open to the public.





Joseph Cervone



Nicole Lacz


Vice Chair

Christina McKittrick



Rita Chipperson



Vincent DeNave



Julia Somers


Alternate #1

Lydia Chambers


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