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Zoning Officer

George Byrnes 

Zoning Information

Zoning approval is the first step required in the establishment of a new business, construction of a new building or addition or installation of sheds, pools, generators, driveways and fences. 


What Does the Zoning Official Do?

The Zoning Official is responsible for ensuring all construction within the township is in compliance with the Harding Township Land Development Ordinance.

Prior to issuance of any construction permits, zoning approval is required for any structure being located outside the existing building footprint.

This includes but is not limited to:  additions, barns, carports, clothing donation bins, commercial businesses, decks,  finished basements, flag poles, garages, gazebos, home offices, hot tubs, patios, pools, pool houses, sheds, solar panels, sports courts, tents/canopies, trailers (business), and wood furnaces, lighting plans. 

Zoning Approval is also required for fences, signs and generators.

If a zoning application is denied by the zoning official, an appeal or an application for variance may be made to the Harding Township Board of Adjustment.

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